Mar 19, 2012

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PHOTO: Yellow Field Of Korean Rape Flowers

Field of yellow rape flowers in Korea

These flowers come out in March and April across South Korea. Their name is a bit awk, especially being that there are “Rape Festivals” galore at this time. At least they’re pretty!

This photo is part of my Meatless Monday series, in which I feature a new photo each week. Because who likes to read on Mondays?  Follow me on Twitter and never miss another one! 

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  1. Gorgeous! Kind of reminds me of travelling through France on my holidays as a kid.

    Fields of yellow rapeseed plants and sunflowers.. Lovely picture!


  2. I love flowers and thei colours! They turn me in such a good mood!! Thanks for thi colourful and joyful pick!

  3. Cool shot! Makes me want to go running through them. :)

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